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  1. my favorite thing about retailer Asaf is
  2. the diversity the fact that we can work
  3. with so many different people so many
  4. different brands but also it's amazing
  5. to get out there find new talents work
  6. with that new talent and help nurture it
  7. the culture a toffee pretty amazing
  8. really lots of fun people the average
  9. age is probably average age of a
  10. customer probably the most open
  11. environment of a work that before we'd
  12. like to think that the team's feel like
  13. they have the autonomy they drive the
  14. range of themselves we just sign it off
  15. I think that battery them is what's kind
  16. of key the unique thing about the
  17. culture here within retail is that
  18. empowerment that you get running
  19. multi-million pound departments my job
  20. is to manage the whole studio creative
  21. team so everybody from photographers
  22. hair a makeup stylist the catwalk team I
  23. started actually in the most junior job
  24. within my department which was a
  25. production admin assistant I've been
  26. really lucky enough to have the
  27. opportunity to have I think I'm on my
  28. ninth promotion at the moment I've been
  29. here for ten years I came in as probably
  30. the first merchandiser I started a
  31. merchandise management level then I
  32. progressed to header merchandising
  33. menswear then I've become menswear
  34. merged director and I'm retail planning
  35. director so there's been a huge amount
  36. of element
  37. because we are such a fast-growing
  38. business there is too much to do so we
  39. are always really really open to people
  40. exploring areas that it's it's slightly
  41. outside of their day to day and that's
  42. been one of the most exciting things
  43. about my career here is I've never felt
  44. limited if something interests you and
  45. you've got a path that you want to go
  46. down the business is very supportive
  47. about letting you explore opportunities
  48. that sit outside of your core remit so
  49. you can build quite a unique skillset
  50. here but I don't think you get in many
  51. other retailers a sauce is really unique
  52. it's different to anywhere ever I've
  53. worked before everyone that works there
  54. is hugely passionate about what they do
  55. it's a really fast-paced culture we work
  56. very quickly but it's hugely rewarding
  57. the passion and the enthusiasm you see
  58. every single day it's so overwhelming
  59. and everyone loves being part brand here
  60. if you make a mistake it's everybody's
  61. mistake and you learn from it and you
  62. move on I need to bail it from that one
  63. of the things I'm most proud of about
  64. what we do here a sauce is the
  65. relationships we have with our suppliers
  66. it's very much a collaborative two-way
  67. relationship and we work very very
  68. closely when it comes to audit in our
  69. factories we like to make sure that we
  70. visit every factory that's making a
  71. sauce on brand product least once a year
  72. and that's quite an achievement actually
  73. something that I'm really proud of my
  74. team for the best bit of that working at
  75. a sauce is working with the product we
  76. have so much of it we have a very large
  77. portfolio third-party brands somewhere
  78. in the region of 800 very important that
  79. we make sure that each of those brands
  80. is bringing something different and
  81. unique to our customer our own label is
  82. King and what we need to do is ensure
  83. that the two offers marry each other
  84. perfectly within the Browns here a sauce
  85. we have you edit and proposition we work
  86. tirelessly with some major global brands
  87. such as making an asset all the way to
  88. like small up-and-coming bands that we
  89. discovered on social platforms the point
  90. of our global branded offer is to be a
  91. unique edit we don't look to go as wide
  92. as possible we look to make sure we've
  93. got the very best the thing that excites
  94. me the most is how important online
  95. fashions becoming it's a completely
  96. different model to bricks and mortar you
  97. have limitless space so you can offer so
  98. much choice to the customer a lot of
  99. thor's a really kind of playing catch-up
  100. when it comes to
  101. having customers online the world is our
  102. oyster really because it's quite
  103. limitless I suppose my favorite moment a
  104. sauce come after about three weeks of
  105. being here and just really realized it
  106. was such a great environment to work the
  107. scope of what we do every single day and
  108. the ability to change and push the
  109. boundaries of what we do is pretty much
  110. made it a very exciting day ever since
  111. my favorite moment a sauce I think has
  112. to be actually my interview I hadn't
  113. really heard that much about Asus at the
  114. time but actually after having the
  115. interview I felt so inspired to join and
  116. actually since being here that's kind of
  117. continued and it is still the same
  118. company from that first interview that I
  119. had it's really exciting and every day
  120. is different what I love about the
  121. culture of a sauce is we are totally
  122. driven by our strategy everybody no
  123. matter what department you work in we
  124. all drive forward as one team and it's
  125. kind of a real family culture
  126. everybody's important everybody knows
  127. what we're working towards everybody
  128. wants to give the customer the best they
  129. possibly can and it's just such an
  130. amazing environment to be in and it's
  131. really inspiring every single day
  132. you
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