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[Gossip] Do Guys Like Funny Girls

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  1. I can't tell you how many times I've shown Allison things that I find personally hilarious, for her to go "meh".
  2. And then late at night I hear her laughing hysterically from her room just, "Ahaha, what will Fes do next!?"
  3. That can't be the thing you find the funniest.
  4. Well, it's important for your characters to have strong traits and his is he loves ladies, and he loves candy.
  5. Yeah, what are our traits? You're sort of a bitch.
  6. I feel like I'm a Jackie. You're not Jackie.
  7. Yeah I am! Well I'm not Donna.
  8. Yeah, you don't belong on That 70's Show. That's so rude.
  9. To be fair, neither of us do because it's in Wisconsin in the 70's and we're both Jews.
  10. This week we have a local question from Caitlyn in California!
  11. Hey Caitlyn! You think she heard me?
  12. Do boys like it when girls are funny?
  13. This question upsets me. Ah, every question upsets you.
  14. Maybe that's my whole problem! Maybe I'm TOO funny.
  15. I think you're the funniest person I've ever met.
  16. Really? Yes! I'm gonna be alone forever.
  17. I would rather you be funny, and I would rather be funny, than cater to some guy who doesn't like funny girls.
  18. I guess I get that on an intellectual level but y'know how much fun is it saying knock knock jokes out loud to yourself?
  19. Who cares what guys like? Are you gonna live your life by what some guy likes?
  20. One time in college my friends on my improv team sent me a link to an article explaining why guys don't like funny girls.
  21. And then went, "maybe this explains some stuff."
  22. Here's my question, would you ever not be with a guy because he was funnier than you?
  23. No man is funnier than me. I'm the funniest person who's ever lived.
  24. I will say I'm funnier than your father.
  25. That's absurd! My father is the funniest man that I've ever met in my life.
  26. No one's gonna live up to your dad.
  27. I know, have you met Ken Raskin? (giggles) That guy is a gem!
  28. Who cares what guys think?
  29. Do not silence or change yourself for some dude, I swear to god I will come through this screen and I will stop you with my hands.
  30. You're giving the wrong advice because you're saying who cares what guys think?
  31. I think the issue is don't date a guy who thinks badly. Right! Yes!
  32. It matters what your partner thinks you're in a relationship, that person matters and what they think matters.
  33. Just make sure that you're with a person who thinks you're funny. Yes.
  34. So, everything Gaby says is nonsense.
  35. Say, why are you particularly funny?
  36. Oh, because I had mental illness at age 4 and it was a coping mechanism. See?
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