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[Love] Weird Ways You Hide Your Crush

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  1. Have you ever liked someone so much that it terrified you? So you end up spending all of your energy trying to hide it.
  2. I wonder what he's getting out of the fridge.
  3. You are so quick to assume they're dating someone and act so happy about it.
  4. I didn't know you and Andrew are dating. I'm so happy for you! That's so great!
  5. "We're not. You know how." "Really?" "Yeah. Don't you like Andrew?"
  6. And to throw everyone off you make up fake crushes.
  7. "You know who I actually like? Hmmm... Dan from IT." Never ever met that guy.
  8. You try to subtly highlight how compatible you both are.
  9. I liked Apollo 13. But you're right, no one else liked it except, I think Andrew liked it. Right?
  10. Oh yeah. I guess you and Andrew were the only two that liked it.
  11. "Yeah." "Hmm, neat." "Oh, just say we're destined."
  12. "Gonna get another cookie." "The cookies were so good."
  13. Oh, and you have to always forget them on a guest list.
  14. Eter, Quinter, Justen. That's everyone, right?
  15. "What about Andrew?" "Oh, he's like a kind of creepy though, right?"
  16. "What? No! We have to invite him." "Yeah, totally, I mean..."
  17. Then you freak out and say hi to everyone else but them.
  18. "So what's going on tonight?" "Hi Ashley" "Oh! Hi Andrew, I didn't see you there."
  19. It's just that you're so scared that they'll find out you like them. So even though you want to talk to them, you just come off rude.
  20. "It looks fine." "Don't...It doesn't look fine, your hair is stupid." "Oh, kill me!"
  21. "Do you think she likes me?" "Yes! Yeah! Girls are weird."
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