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[English Skills] How to sound INTELLIGENT and SEXY!

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  1. Intelligence is sexy so that's why we should all know the word "Sapiosexual". You can pronounce it both ways.
  2. It means that you're attracted to intelligence. At times like these we need a bit more intelligence.
  3. So here are 10 words that you can start using to improve your vocabulary, make you sound smarter, and therefore more sexy - You're welcome
  4. The first word is "Beleaguer". Now this means to cause problems or trouble for something.
  5. In a passive voice, "To beleaguered by something" means to be surrounded by problems or troubles.
  6. For example: "A lack of funding by the government can beleaguer education system and cause schools to close"
  7. Or an example of the passive voice could be: "His business was beleaguered with financial problems since the beginning"
  8. The next word is "Belabour". Not to be confused with "Beleaguer" and definitely not to be confused with "Belieber"
  9. This means to explain or to worry about something too much to emphasize something to the point where it's boring or annoying
  10. Basically repeating a point more than necessary. For example:
  11. "I know I arrived late but if you're going to belabour that fact then I'll just go home again"
  12. This means to merge two things, usually two ideas, bits of information, or two points into one singular thing. For example:
  13. "Don't conflate love and sex, they're not the same thing"
  14. Having the wherewithal to do something talks about having the ability to do it.
  15. For example: "Unfortunately I lack the wherewithal to start my own business I don't have the money or the brains"
  16. The next word is "Hamper", this means to hinder impede, create barriers to progress or success. For example:
  17. "Lack of practice has really hampered my ability to improve my English"
  18. "Reprehensible", this means to act in a terrible, awful, unforgivable way. For example:
  19. "The way you acted in my party was reprehensible, you kissed my dog with an open mouth, in front of my cats! You know how jealous they get!"
  20. The next word is "Erudite", this shows great knowledge, education, shows that you've learned a lot.
  21. For example: "Yes but Obama was articulate and erudite" Donald Trump just sounds like
  22. The next word is "Impeccable". Perfect, without any mistakes
  23. For example: "Wow your English homework was impeccable! not one mistake!"
  24. The next word is "Innate", it means something natural inside you, or instinctive. For example:
  25. "I have an innate ability to see peoples' aura Your aura is purple today. Purple is the sign of the Capricorn
  26. and the final word is "Eloquent". This describes speech when it is articulate fluent and well-expressed, It is 'eloquent'. For example:
  27. "Here it is, a fragile, delicate, pale blue dot and that's where we live that's where every human has ever lived, and you can see the vulnerability at a glance" - Carl Sagan
  28. He spoke so eloquently. So I hope your vocabulary has improved
  29. Now you can sound smarter and sexier. Go out there and be sexy!
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