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[Fairy Tales] The Ugly Duckling

( Setting )
  1. Once upon a time, a mother duck was sitting on a cluster of eggs, anxiously waiting for them to hatch.
  2. One by one the tiny noses poked through their shells until all the new chicks were born.
  3. However, one of the eggs was taking longer than the others.
  4. When it finally hatched, the chick that emerged was not exactly like its brothers and sisters. It was very very ugly.
  5. Oh it's been a long wait, will these eggs ever hatch? Oh, yes. It's starting!
  6. Mother duck was shocked to see such an awful looking duckling, and could not imagine that it was actually hers.
  7. The other ducklings did not like the ugly duckling at all.
  8. They pecked him and teased him and refused to let him play.
  9. The ugly duckling was very unhappy.
  10. Oh! dear, this is a very ugly duckling.
  11. Let's play. Not with you though ugly.
  12. He is so weird looking. He can't be a member of our family, can he?
  13. Let's peck him, let's tease him. Everyone hates me.
  14. The duckling was so very sad that he decided to leave home.
  15. At a nearby pond, he met a family of geese and asked if he could stay with them. They refused.
  16. Can I please stay and play with you? No, never! You are so very ugly.
  17. Further along the water, the duckling met a kind caterpillar.
  18. The duckling told him his sad story and the caterpillar consoled him.
  19. I am just an ugly caterpillar, he explained, but one day I will be a beautiful butterfly.
  20. Maybe you will be beautiful one day too.
  21. No one talks to me or let me stay with them as I'm so ugly.
  22. Don't worry, I'm sure you won't look like this forever.
  23. The duck and caterpillar lived quite happily for a week or so, but it was soon time for the caterpillar to enter his cocoon.
  24. The duckling waited and waited and when his friend emerged he was indeed a beautiful butterfly.
  25. His friend flew off into the woods calling for the duckling to follow, but the duckling could not catch up.
  26. Once again, the duckling was alone.
  27. You are turning into a butterfly. I hope we are still friends when you come out.
  28. Winter came, and the duckling struggled to find food and shelter under the blanket of thick snow.
  29. He had no friends and no comfort.
  30. It was a very hard winter, and the duckling was certain he would die.
  31. I am so cold all over. I'm starving.
  32. I need food and a shelter or I am going to die.
  33. Winter soon ended and the waters on the lake began to thaw.
  34. The lonely duckling wadded out into the water and he caught sight of something astounding.
  35. Looking up at him from the water was the most beautiful bird he had ever seen.
  36. It was his own reflection. The ugly duckling had grown into a swan.
  37. Thank goodness it's spring. Oh, who is this?
  38. It's me, it's my reflection. I've become so beautiful.
  39. The duckling saw family of other swans playing in the water across the lake.
  40. The mother swans saw him and instantly recognized him as her long lost son.
  41. The family was reunited and the ugly duckling was finally content.
  42. I recognize you. You are our lost son, we thought we would never find you.
  43. Mother? Oh! Mother! I've been through so much but I'm happy at last.
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