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[The Lancasters] EP.16 : Happy Birthday JAN (Thai)

( Setting )
  1. Today is a very special days. Isn't it Jan?
  2. It's her birthday. Happy Birthday! Yay!
  3. How old are you today?
  4. You're two today. Two.
  5. Two. Two, say "two".
  6. Let's go get breakfast. Birthday breakfast.
  7. ♫ ♬ Happy Birthday to you. ♫ ♬
  8. Breakfast has arrived. It's Jan's birthday breakfast.
  9. In the morning we took (past simple of take) Jan to
  10. the market to give food to the monk.
  11. We call this making merit.
  12. Doing a good deed.
  13. Yeh. To give her a good wish for her birthday.
  14. Karma. Right?
  15. If you do good things, then you will have a good life....basically.
  16. Jan's gonna (going to) have a good life. Aren't you Jan?
  17. She's gonna be a good girl. Jan's gonna be a good girl.
  18. Jan, are you a good girl?
  19. This is called Dim Sum.
  20. Chinese breakfast.
  21. What do you call in China? Do you call it Dim Sum?
  22. What have you got Jan? What are these called?
  23. Dumplings. Kids love dumplings.
  24. What have you got? Broccoli? That's very healthy.
  25. (It will) Make you big and strong.
  26. Broccoli looks like trees.
  27. Mushrooms and pork.
  28. A black egg.
  29. and some sweetcorn.
  30. D'yuh (Do you) want some sweetcorn?
  31. Here yuh (you) go, darling.
  32. Get stuck in. (Eat it quickly; Start doing something enthusiastically)
  33. I had heartburn. (a burning pain in lower chest caused by stomach acid coming up the esophagus (food pipe))
  34. So, the best way:
  35. immediately cure it (stop it without waiting)
  36. with lime juice mixed with water.
  37. It's a bit sour...
  38. but it does the job. (gives the result you want)
  39. Heartburn: really painful.
  40. So, if you ever have that,
  41. you should drink lime juice and water.
  42. Where's Mae gone?
  43. She's behind this "castle". (Imaginary castle)
  44. There's Jan. Jan's happy. Aren't you?
  45. ???? hahaha
  46. This is hot tea for Chinese breakfast. They like to drink
  47. hot, in the morning, hot water. They don't drink
  48. cold water. They say it's good for the body.
  49. The system. (the digestive system) The stomach.
  50. and burns energy well. (good)
  51. Tea, hot tea. "Chā"
  52. In Chinese they say "Chá".
  53. - It's time to go to school now. - No.
  54. - Very good, thank you. - Yeah, yeah. ("Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it" is better)
  55. "Please come again." (In Thai)
  56. She's full now. Aren't you Jan.
  57. Yeah? Are you full?
  58. "Take the kids to see the dinosaur first, then go to school." (In Thai)
  59. Let's go to see the dinosaur. Yay!
  60. Dinosaur.
  61. Wah! Look at that dinosaur.
  62. Careful.
  63. Again, again!
  64. Again, again!
  65. Let's go down the slide. Yay!
  66. - You go too, Daddy. You go too. - I'll go too.
  67. Daddy go too.
  68. You're slipping down.
  69. OK. It's time to go to school now.
  70. "Go now. That's enough. Don't go round again." (In Thai)
  71. It's getting late. (You're) gonna be late.
  72. Buh-bye.
  73. So, if you're wondering (thinking a question) where the dinosaur is. It's in Krabi Town,
  74. at the Andaman Beads Museum.
  75. Go on in then.
  76. Put your bag in your cubbyhole. (a small space for storing things
  77. OK, go on then.
  78. Buh-bye. Love you.
  79. Late. Late every morning.
  80. OK.
  81. So, we're gonna (going to) go pick Sunshine up from school. ("Pick X up" means to get X from somewhere)
  82. then we're gonna go and get a present for Jan.
  83. and we're gonna get a cake.
  84. - So, how was school today? - Good.
  85. It's Jan's birthday. Yay! Jan's birthday.
  86. and now Jan needs to buy a present.
  87. We're gonna buy Jan a present now.
  88. We're gonna buy her some clothes.
  89. - Take my shoes off. - Yes, take your shoes off.
  90. Look, this one has a birthday hat.
  91. - Look, this one has a birthday hat. - Yes, for Jan's birthday, huh?
  92. Why is it just a statue, Daddy?
  93. It's for the clothes.
  94. Mannequin. It's called a mannequin.
  95. Jan. It's not a doll.
  96. Let's have a look.
  97. Jan, I want the rabbit ears.
  98. Rabbit ears? That'll be cute.
  99. I'm a little rabbit.
  100. I think they're supposed to go the other way.
  101. That's better.
  102. I'm a little rabbit.
  103. Let's get Jan one of those.
  104. Oh, Jan try it. Oh you've got pink glasses and pink ears. So cute.
  105. Jan's a little mouse.
  106. Let's go and choose your cake, darling.
  107. Which cake do you want, Jan? This one? The angel cake?
  108. - Actually, that one. (Duan says in this) - This one, please. (Jan says in Thai)
  109. Which one do you like, Jan? That angel one? (In Thai) The little angel. Right? (In Thai)
  110. - Angel. You see? - That's because your an angel, Jan.
  111. - Get the one with the angel because your little angel. - This one. (Jan says in Thai)
  112. That one. OK.
  113. Get the handle in the shape of a number two.
  114. Bye.
  115. ♫ ♬ Happy Birthday to you. ♫ ♬
  116. Blow it out. Yay! And this one.
  117. This one too. Blow it out, Jan (Duan says in thai)
  118. Blow it again. Blow it, Jan. This one too.(Duan in Thai)
  119. And this one.
  120. That's a game. (a joke)
  121. Oh, magic candles!
  122. Oh, no!
  123. Those were magic candles. (relighting candles)
  124. - Give Jan a wish. - What do you want to say to Jan? Say something nice for her birthday.
  125. I wish for Jan to have a good birthday.
  126. - Let's eat the cake then. (Sunshine) - Jan I wish you...thank you for making me happy.
  127. I love you. Wish you'll be a good girl and healthy and happy every day.
  128. Be the way you are and be happy.
  129. My wish. I wanna say, Jan your only two but you give me all the happiness in the world. You are my little angel.
  130. - And I'm your little princess. (says Sunshine) - Now she's two and she can already use the potty.
  131. she's out of nappies now, aren't you?
  132. And in the future you are going to achieve a lot, Jan.
  133. You're gonna do some great things. You're gonna be...
  134. You're gonna have a good life. Love you.
  135. - Love you. - Love you, Jan (says Sunshine)
  136. OK, let's eat the cake (says Sunshine) - Let's eat. Lets eat the cake.
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