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[The Lancasters] EP.17: Juggling And Bear Milk - เรียนภาษาอังกฤษ

( Setting )
  1. Look Daddy, I made a hat for Jan and Sunshine's toys.
  2. How did you make this?
  3. How did you make it? I sewed it.
  4. Knitted.
  5. Yeh.
  6. Knitted the little dolls hats.
  7. Kids will love it. So cute.
  8. Jan, do you love the little dolls hats?
  9. Yeah.
  10. OK, let's go to the library then.
  11. Leave your dolls here.
  12. There's lots of toys at the library.
  13. Let's go.
  14. Sunshine's gone to school.
  15. So we're taking Jan to the library.
  16. It's really hot today.
  17. Go to the library.
  18. They've got air conditioning there.
  19. They've got lots of toys to play with.
  20. Sunshine will be jealous of Jan. Sunshine's gone to school today.
  21. It's Monday.
  22. It's my day off today.
  23. Jan, look there's so many toys.
  24. What are you going to play with.
  25. They haven't got the air con on, shall I open this?
  26. I'll open the doors to let the air through.
  27. Drive the train. *choo choo*
  28. Climbing frame.
  29. Brave girl.
  30. Go on, you can do it.
  31. Find a way.
  32. Throw the ball.
  33. Oh, that's hard!
  34. Hard, I thought it was soft, it's hard.
  35. If that hit you, it would hurt.
  36. Can you jungle, like Daddy?
  37. Juggling!
  38. Oh, these are great for juggling.
  39. They've got a nice grip on them, you don't drop them.
  40. They're all rough.
  41. They've got these little knobbles on them.
  42. Daddy's going to stand next to the fan just a minute.
  43. Dripping with sweat.
  44. I guess they didn't put the air con on today.
  45. I've been living in Thailand for 7 years now.
  46. I should be used to it by now.
  47. Really hot day today, it's a scorcher.
  48. Happy.
  49. Do your happy face.
  50. Sad.
  51. This one's about Princess Diana.
  52. Beautiful, pretty.
  53. Oh my god!
  54. That's shocking.
  55. That's really shocking.
  56. Sad.
  57. Yeh, it was sad but there was more to her life than that.
  58. Wasn't there?
  59. They made a cartoon of Diana's life,
  60. Cartoon like a comic book.
  61. In Thai.
  62. There're a lot of tears in it.
  63. A lot of crying.
  64. Princess Diana did a lot for charity.
  65. 2000 people every month are killed or maimed by mines around the world.
  66. That's 1 person every 20 minutes.
  67. It is my sincere hope that by working together in the next few days, will shall focus world attention
  68. on this vital but, until now, largely neglected issue.
  69. The English people: they respected Diana, they loved her.
  70. Because she did a lot for charity, to help other people, misfortunate people in the world.
  71. Just like Nai Luang (ในหลวง) he did a lot to help other people that were misfortunate.
  72. That's why people loved him.
  73. We should try to help other people as much as we can.
  74. Let's go before she falls asleep.
  75. We'll go and get some lunch.
  76. So much for going running.
  77. I think it's going to rain.
  78. Let's go each ice cream instead.
  79. Less healthier but a lot of fun.
  80. Hello, how are you?
  81. I'm OK.
  82. Just come to get Sunshine.
  83. Come to get my daughter.
  84. Sawatdee kha. (Thai)
  85. What is her name?
  86. Her name's Jan. Sawatdee kha.
  87. Oh, it's raining now.
  88. Hello.
  89. What've you got?
  90. Let's go.
  91. Nom Mee. That means Bear Milk.
  92. I don't want to drink bear milk.
  93. Wow!
  94. This looks nice.
  95. Look at these big teddy bears.
  96. What're you gonna get Jan?
  97. Wanna ice cream? Yeh?
  98. Look! What's this?
  99. Bear!
  100. A bear.
  101. Nom Mee means bear milk.
  102. Made with fresh bear milk.
  103. But they don't actually use bear milk, do they?
  104. Duan, of course they don't, it's cows milk.
  105. Bears don't give you milk.
  106. They do. Bears have milk, don't they?
  107. What does the baby bear drink?
  108. They are mammals. Bears are mammals.
  109. So they produce milk, just like humans and cows.
  110. A baby reindeer.
  111. A baby reindeer is called a.....
  112. What is a baby reindeer called?
  113. Doe. Oh No, that's a female deer.
  114. ♪ ♫ Doe, a dear, a female deer. ♪ ♫
  115. ♪ ♫ Ray, a drop of golden sun. ♪ ♫
  116. I think a baby reindeer is called a calf.
  117. Can I try? What's this?
  118. Sour. It's sour.
  119. Yeh, I see your mouth...
  120. ..see my mouth quiver? Pink. Oh, pink!
  121. Banana smoothie.
  122. Hmmm! Very bananary.
  123. Yours is sour and Jan's is sweet.
  124. Is that nice Jan? Is that good? How is it?
  125. Say "It's yummy!"
  126. Yummy!
  127. Say "It tastes sweet!"
  128. Sweet!
  129. I will set the table.
  130. You set the table then.
  131. So, we've come to get some proper food.
  132. She's just tired.
  133. She's tired. Drink your bear milk.
  134. Papaya Salad.
  135. I don't like Papaya Salad.
  136. It's very spicy.
  137. Look at all the chili seeds, it's so spicy.
  138. And this is barbecue chicken. Right?
  139. Is this some sort of Isaan contraption.
  140. This. What is it?
  141. Beer wun nana
  142. Beer wun neela. What does that mean?
  143. Why don't you just put it in the fridge?
  144. This is the end of the episode.
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