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今日星巴克買一送一!當你排隊時心裡會有的 OS

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  1. Okay, just need a small coffee. I'm gonna pop in really quick and hopefully the line isn't too long.
  2. Is that lady just buying bottled water?
  3. Who comes to Starbucks just to buy bottled water?
  4. Get real, lady.
  5. Look at these CDs.
  6. Who buys CDs from Starbucks? WHO even buy CDs anymore?
  7. Woo! Sounds of Brazil. I kind of want this.
  8. Maybe I should just buy one of these things and make coffee at home.
  9. I can make Espresso. Yeah! Maybe I'll even start cooking more, too.
  10. If I buy this machine, it'll be the start of like a brand new me.
  11. No, I'll never do that.
  12. No, no, no, no, no! That's an intern doing a coffee run!
  13. Oh, that's like twelve people on that piece of paper.
  14. She's gonna buy all of the coffee, and there'll be no coffee left for anyone else.
  15. Hi, can I get a tall macchiato, please.
  16. Okay great. That's $4.62. You can pick up your drink right over there.
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