How to create a new material with TED?

This article introduce how to create a learning material with TED step by step.

Visit the TED to get what you want.

The title have to start with [TED] to enable TED linking.

Break the sentences with {enter} key.

Uncheck the wrap box to see the correct line numbers.

To find the youtube link for playing service.

Play the video to set time position. If you upload a srt file, maybe you can skip this step.

Click the time box to get the current playing time automatically. If end time box is empty, the sentence end up with the next start time.

#26 set the end time to skip funny childs.

#44 also set the end time to stop the video.

Adjust the time precisely. Uncheck the override box for adjustiment.

Play the sentences one by one to fix.

To adjust the time info.

Check the loop-playing box to confirm every sentence again.

It will play each sentence one by one automatically.

Now you know the difficulties.

Copy the transcript from TED.

Taiwanese use Traditional Chinese.

New you had create a new learning material! It will not show on the portal immediately. But you can click "like" to remember and visit it again.

You have ownership to modify this article and transcript.

Congratulation! This new learning material now can help many people. Thank you very much!