I have been learning English as an adult for many years now, and recently I decided to analyze why my progress was slower than I wanted, and if there might be a more effective way to learn. I'm a software designer by profession, and so I starting thinking, why not try to design a tool to help myself learn English faster? And then I realized that perhaps other people also have the same language learning problems as me. Being able to express ourselves with language is very important... I really believe that lots of people will find this tool I have made very useful. So I’m going to introduce it to you all! So far, this tool, which is now an online platform, is purely for fun. And it is free to use. We are actually a small team behind this platform, and we really hope that you can give us some feedback and suggestions after you try it.

This platform cannot fully replace real person-to-person interaction. In fact, the goal of this platform is actually to act as the "missing step" and help people who want to learn English but don't know how to get to the next level. By regularly using this platform to practice your English, you'll also find yourself being able to learn more effectively from English teachers and other people you practice English with.

I have to admit that my own English is not the strongest! Even if I’m reading a fairly simple article, I still need to go over it several times using “echo mode” (a method of studying where you repeat what you have just read in your mind). Many people have mentioned to me that they have heard about the echo method (echo mode) of learning English. And this platform is exactly what they need, which makes me very happy. At first, when I was beginning my work on this project, I used the names "listening mode" and "thinking mode" However, before I announced this project officially, I was having breakfast at a breakfast bar and read a comic book called "PLUTO". The comic book is about the evolution of an AI robot that is learning about human emotions. In the comic, I came across these lines:

Try to act like a human being! Even if it's just imitating or acting. By doing this you might truly realize something.

And at that moment, I suddenly realized that it's just like learning English! When studying English, after we have finished reading an article, and have looked up all the words that we did not know, we get an understanding of the article. But do we truly read it in our minds and feel emotions? I selected several videos about love to further explore what I had come across when I was reading the comic "PLUTO" Several of the movies were quite touching and made me really think. So finally, I decided to change the names of my studying methods to "echo mode" and "thinking mode". This will make the overall concept of this language learning platform clearer for everybody.

Many people might think that it's inappropriate to use love videos to practice foreign languages. Well, you’ll have to forgive me... You see, it’s actually not very easy to find 3-5 minute short videos that are easy to understand and well suited for practicing foreign languages. Some people have showed me videos teaching English using a whiteboard. But this not aligned with the learning methods we recommend on this platform. I hope that everyone can help to find some more good videos and send in the links to us! Post what you want to learn on our fanpage and I'll convert the files to a compatible format. Please try to find videos with very clear pronunciation. If the pronunciation is nice and clear, Google voice recognition translator can easily generate subtitles.

And then, I hope that everyone can help rate the difficulty of the videos. This would be a big help for us. Some people might find a particular video hard and others might find that same video easy. Our fanpage should not only reflect a single voice! After you leave a difficulty rating for a video then you will also see how many people have watched that particular video. Watching and leaving a difficulty rating for a video also supports, and encourages, the creator of the article.

If you come across interesting or easy to study Youtube videos, and you want to share them with this platform, you can do the following 2 things:

  1. Upload a srt file: You can google youtube srt download to download caption data in a srt file, then upload the srt file with this option.
  2. Upload with a youtube link and caption text: If you already have the plan text caption data, You can chooise this option.
    Step 1:
    Input original caption text, title, and youtube video link.
    Step 2:
    Play the video and set time spots for each sentence.
    Step 3:
    Input translated caption text and title, complete.

If you are willing to translate existing articles into another language, please click the following link: translation

I really hope that this platform can make learning English, or other foreign languages, fun and interesting. Be enjoy our service and have fun!